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Welcome to this revolutionary adventure
Build your own Joystickbike prototype with 2 wheels and 1 joystick
Dear fan, write us and we send you a picture of the general plan




Gregor Kuonen  

Vélosophe The Book

Zoomvertical Aerial pictures and videos

Inventor: Yvan Forclaz
Federation adminisitrator: Fabian Lenggenhager
Photo Media: Michel Zobrist
Video vs Karting: Gilles Damay Films & Photos
Video : Vincent Forclaz
Photo studio: Robert Hoffer
Website: Théo Michaud
Stefan Tschudi
Graphism plans: Julien Valentini

Welcome to the community !

By becoming a member of the Federation (90$) you support the development of:

FREE for the new member a vinyl plan (850x1200mm) with détails and advices !

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Press article and media


Outrageous acts of science Discovéry Channel
31.03-02.04 Salon du vélo Lausanne Suisse
28.03 2017 Freeze Lists Media Chanel


3-5 juin participation au Salon du LIKEBIKE à Monte-Carlo
2 millions de vues en 2 semaines sur FREEZE HD
La côte - Salon de la mobilité Morges/Suisse 18 mars
Nouvelliste 12 mars 2016


Nouvelliste 26 février 2015 - Web link
TV Canal 9 - 6 mars 2015
MSN information
Le Matin 9 avril 2015 - Video - 18.04.2015
TicinoNews - 09.04.2015 - 20.04.2015 - 19.04.2015 - 17.04.2015 - 18.05.2015
Touring magazine - 29.05.2015

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